Let's Start the Shenanigans!!

An absolutely ridiculous Action Adventure of a Brother and Sister, a Witch Cat and her Beast going on a quest to restore there favorite sleeping spot after Mr. Wector takes the Sun Energy from The Great Sunflower! Simon, Sebrina, Rae, and Beast must stop him from taking over the world!

When Dr. Wector steals all the Sun energy from The Great Sunflower, Simon, Sebrina, Rae, and Beast must go and take back all the Suns from every bad guy across the land! Restore The Great Sunflower and take down Dr. Wector in a wacky and goofy adventure!

A Fast Paced Action Adventure: Wall Run, Hook Shot, and Race to the end with many ways to push yourself forward and speed run. Use your momentum to zip past enemies or take it slow and take them all down. Shenanigans is built to be easy to pick up but a challenge to master!

Four Player Co-Op: Grab three friends and hope in together to take down Dr. Wector!

Play with the Levels: Walls that allow you to Wall Run, Hooks on Rope that allow you to Hook Shot, or any other things in the environment that allows you to boost forward! The environment is your friend to jump forward into the level!

A Beautiful 2D World: Shenanigans was made by the many talented artists at Mythos Makers! Every piece is drawn by a committed and talented artist for the player to enjoy! Everything looks good even in 4K and 8K!